How Kotak Life Used WhatsApp Flows to Scale Lead Generation by 400%


With AI unlocking a gamut of new opportunities, time is ripe for insurance companies to innovate through technology and use the right engagement channels to stay ahead of the curve. Kotak Life Insurance (KLI) caters to 46 million customers with an extensive range of products for protection, annuity, retirement, savings, and investment. In collaboration with Jio Haptik, KLI is streamlining the end-to-end insurance buying process for customers on WhatsApp.

Average conversation rate on WhatsApp
Increase in lead count
Repeat customers

Top Quote Haptik is a fantastically committed team. They truly understand their business and they go really deep to understand their customer's issues. Bottom Quote

mvs murthy
MVS Murthy,

Head – Marketing & Digital

Commitment to Innovation & CX

Through its collaboration with Haptik, KLI leads the way in delivering better customer experiences. With its WhatsApp virtual assistant ‘KAYA’, KLI powers 24/7 support and provides personalized solutions to insurance buyers and policyholders.


  • Customers can interact with KAYA to purchase insurance policies, receive claims, get policy information and upload documents for pending applications.

  • Deployed over WhatsApp as well, KAYA significantly reduces wait times & agent dependency.

  • KAYA offers superior convenience, flexibility and completion rate as policy buyers can return to continue the conversation at any time.

How WhatsApp Flows Boosts Lead-Gen

After leveraging AI Assistant for previous customer engagement and lead generation campaigns, KLI turned to Haptik to implement WhatsApp Flows, aiming to enhance lead generation. Implementing Flows also helped enrich customer conversations while improving task completion, reducing drop-offs, and amplifying engagement.


  • Kotak Life ran a WhatsApp notifications campaign to engage with customers at scale, increasing the volume of interactions by 150%.

  • The notifications campaign allowed Kotak Life Insurance to get maximum customers to interact with KAYA, the WhatsApp virtual assistant, which guided them to fill the form, boosting lead generation and streamlining the insurance purchase journey.

  • Once the customer fills the form and clicks ‘submit’, the conversation is handed over to a human agent for a personalized insurance buying experience.

Lead Generation

Top Quote Our collaboration with WhatsApp as an intuitive and widely used communication platform and Haptik as a trusted development partner has redefined customer engagement at Kotak Life. Together we have created a seamless and personalized experience for our customers, where brand and product discovery for customers is delivered via digital marketing campaigns and purchase intent is created via engagement on WhatsApp platform. It resulted into 75% reduction in dropout rates and 60% improvement in customer connects over web channel. We look forward to continuing our journey of innovation and excellence together. Bottom Quote

Prasad Pimple
Prasad Pimple,

Executive Vice President & Head of Digital Business Unit


Kotak Life Insurance won the award for “Most Innovative Marketing Campaign in the Insurance Sector”, recognizing the creative implementation of its marketing campaigns. By sending WhatsApp notifications and engaging with customers at scale, KLI increased lead generation using forms. The collaboration not only enhanced lead generation but helped KLI offer better customer experience. As we continue to drive AI-powered innovation, we’re working on integrating KAYA with Generative AI capabilities to further streamline the experience for insurance buyers.