Powerful yet simple Shopify Virtual Assistant

Build a virtual assistant within minutes using Haptik’s curated set of Shopify skills that automate and resolve common use-cases delivering immediate results.

  • Ready to go API integrations
  • Shopify Conversational Workflows
  • No coding required

Commerce Plus on Shopify

Shopify merchants can now sell their products across messaging channels - Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Migrate your Shopify Store and bring your entire catalogue to messaging apps - provide instant buying support and personalized buying guidance on channels customers already use.

Leverage powerful connectors on Shopify for your eCommerce brand to power an end-to-end commerce journey on messaging channels, from discovery to checkout.


Pre-trained Shopify Smart Skills for your eCommerce brand

Trained on top eCommerce use cases, we’ve built a suite of conversation flows that are battle-tested to automate and resolve all the common use cases for your industry.  Each Shopify Smart Skill is embedded with multi-turn dialogs, entity detection, live agent handover triggers and trained to handle edge cases atop your ideal user journey. Simply import the skills you need and deploy.

  • Plug & play conversation flows
  • Battle-tested use cases that drive best business outcomes
  • Built by conversation designers & linguists

Avoid high-churn scenarios with contextual AI to Agent hand-off

Customers today expect easy-to-use, intuitive digital experiences, making customer experience imperative to thrive in the eCommerce economy. However, sometimes even mundane queries may escalate into high-risk situations, causing your agents to step in and provide assistance.

Haptik’s virtual assistant automatically routes high-risk, high-value issues to your agents with complete visibility into the conversation history, and user information, bringing agents up to speed with the issue before entering a live conversation with the customer. 

  • Enhanced resolution rate
  • Reduce churn
  • Higher CSAT & NPS

Drive customer retention with personalized support

eCommerce is witnessing record competition—fueled by global retail giants entering the market, driving up customer acquisition costs, and pressurizing brands to put more emphasis on customer retention than ever before. Haptik helps you improve your fulfillment capabilities and be there for your customers at every step of their journey, driving customer retention & satisfaction.

  • Put your returns and replacements on autopilot using Haptik. 96% of customers prefer retailers that facilitate easy returns.
  • Provide instant order status & shipping updates
  • Deliver tailored customer experiences based on user behavior, purchase history, page views, actions, account information, and more

Get a pulse of how your customers are doing, in real-time

The biggest differentiator for any eCommerce business trickles down to how well they know their customers. Eliminate guesswork and truly understand how your customers interact with your brand. Get full visibility on the types of issues and service requests that are being raised by your customers, discover what’s limiting their user experience, and continuously improve CSAT & NPS.

  • Understand user queries and ‘search keywords’ better 
  • Get first-hand user feedback
  • Take data-driven actions to optimize user journeys
  • Streamline user workflows for improved experiences

Always on customer support for your Shopify store

Put your support on auto-pilot by implementing a virtual assistant that reduces costs while creating effortless experiences


Advanced NLU

Industry-specific AI
models embedded with domain-specific intelligence, data dictionaries & taxonomies, trained on thousands of user utterances to deliver human-like conversational experiences at scale.


Powerful Integration Ecosystem

Haptik offers powerful out-of-the-box integrations to deliver exceptional experiences to your agents and customers using existing software.



Built for scale


Handle millions of conversations without any downtime. Reduce queries and resolve problems 24/7without hiring new resources.


Launch your Shopify Virtual Assistant in minutes 

Ready API integrations | Shopify Smart Skills | No coding required