Why Your Brand Needs a WhatsApp Chatbot


WhatsApp is the ultimate Commerce and Customer Service engine your brand needs to enhance CX. Brands can leverage WhatsApp chatbot to power an end-to-end shopping journey and turn it into an ultimate revenue-generating machine!

Redefining Customer
Redefining Customer
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WhatsApp Chatbots: An Introduction


WhatsApp is both the world’s largest messaging platform, with over 2 billion users across 180 countries, and the most popular messaging app in the US (based on downloads on the Play Store). WhatsApp's user base is constantly growing as its ease of use and powerful native features make it not just a strong channel for communication but also as a marketing and sales channel for brands. 




The introduction of WhatsApp Enterprise API enabled businesses to engage with customers on the platform at scale. The WhatsApp Business Solution facilitates swift and seamless interactions between brands and customers on WhatsApp. Brands can send proactive notifications, offer instant customer care, inform users about interesting products or services, and enable Conversational Commerce on WhatsApp.

The Enterprise API allows businesses to interact with their customers proactively and also scale with demand on the fly. This means a brand's customer care or sales agents can interact with users over WhatsApp. The WhatsApp chatbot is a powerful alternative for businesses to engage with their customers at each step of their journey - that is pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase. 

Leveraging the power of advanced Conversational AI technologies such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU) and Machine Learning (ML), a WhatsApp chatbot enables your brand to be available to customers 24/7 on the app, offer support or drive lead conversations end to end with little to not human intervention necessary.  

As your business grows with increased user engagement, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant can be your answer to offer a consistent customer experience without the hassle of upscaling, training, and monitoring your teams.

WhatsApp Commerce has been the engine behind the growth of many small and large-scale companies. It has evolved into a full-blown channel that brands are leveraging to sell and transact with their customers, emerging as the most efficient channel to buy and sell digitally. WhatsApp takes center stage in the eCommerce journey for brands and is playing an extremely important role in shaping the future of Conversational Commerce.


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Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot


The number of people you can potentially reach out to over WhatsApp literally increases every day, with over a million people registering on the platform every day. It is the third most downloaded app in the world, which means that there’s an overwhelming probability that your current or prospective customers are on the app. You can enhance CX with powerful features on the WA platform such as:




Why your business needs a WhatsApp chatbot:

  • It improves query resolution, reduces customer drop-offs and automates mundane tasks that can hinder the productivity of human agents. 
  • Improves buying experience for customers through personalization.
  • Gathers and analyzes customer data that then offers insights for improved customer experience, triggering customer loyalty
  • Enables round-the-clock, on-demand customer support that's both necessary and appreciated by customers
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Redefining Commerce with WhatsApp Chatbots


Discovery & Instant Opt-in

WhatsApp requires a brand to get an opt-in from a user before it can start engaging with him/her i.e. the user needs to consent to start a conversation with your business.

Businesses can include a deep link, banners, or a contact form on their website which can be used to submit details. It can also be done by deflecting IVR calls to WhatsApp. Additionally, there are a lot of other ways for your business to get an opt-in from your customer. 

One of the least effort options for opt-ins is users giving a call to your virtual number to get started!


Enhanced UI Elements

WhatsApp has also increasingly started to introduce a number of elements to make the conversational experience simpler and more interactive. These include quick replies and buttons, which enable users to progress faster in their conversations with businesses.

The WhatsApp Business App (which is meant for small businesses) includes a catalog feature which is also expected to be available to users of the WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp has introduced two new interactive elements for the Business API: List Messages and Quick Reply buttons, making it easier for brands to have conversations with their customers.


Collect Payment on WhatsApp:

Customers can make direct payments from WhatsApp while they are in the purchase journey without navigating between multiple apps.

When people shop on WhatsApp, they’re always on the go, even when they’re shopping from home. They want to be able to browse and buy instantly.

This is where our 3-click UPI payment experience on WhatsApp really helps. 

Brands can also use notifications as recurring payment reminders and collect payment without any hassle.

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Enhancing Customer Service with WhatsApp Chatbots


Smart Agent Routing for Complex Queries

Deliver powerful customer experiences with seamless live chat integration whilst driving CSAT and improving NPS. Eliminate customer frustration by giving them on-demand, self-serve, automated support with friction-free access to live agents whenever needed. Seamlessly integrate with leading CRM software and system of records such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Kapture CRM, and more.


24*7 Availability

Unlike human agents, WhatsApp bots are available 24*7. They’re always ready to answer questions for your customers in any language preferred by your customer. This helps you significantly boost CSAT and NPS.



Powerful out-of-the-box chatbot integrations to deliver exceptional experiences to your agents and customers leveraging existing software.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Various Industries

WhatsApp chatbot delivers business results like no other channel. You can boost revenue through selling on WhatsApp, save Customer Support costs, reduce CAC. All this while increasing your CSAT & NPS and building top-of-the-mind brand recall.



Contactless shopping has become the new normal. It has never been easier to take your business online. WhatsApp provides you with all the tools you need to grow your business!



WhatsApp has become one of the most important and profitable channels for eCommerce companies. A WhatsApp bot allows you to provide an end-to-end shopping journey on WhatsApp



WhatsApp chatbot is the best channel for your brand to distribute any financial product from your portfolio. WhatsApp offers unparalleled scale and a buffet of features for every BFSI brand.


Travel & Hospitality

WhatsApp chatbot helps you provide a personalized booking experience to your customers and assists them virtually in planning their journey. 


Digital Native

WhatsApp has been an integral part of every brand’s digital transformation strategy. Reduce customer support costs, boost revenue, increase CSAT and NPS with the help of a WhatsApp chatbot.

Why Haptik is the best WhatsApp Business Solution provider?

Domain Specific Solution

AI Solutions

Industry rich AI and NLU with pre-built skills to not only solve your key business problems but also reduce the time-to-market.                                         

Seamless Omni Channel

Seamless Omnichannel Experiences

Consistent & personalized experiences across Chat, Email, Voice & social channels like WhatsApp to improve customer satisfaction. 

Customer Experiences

Customer Experience Workflows

Ability to design and architect  intricate workflows and define complex business logic in conversational journeys with ease & low effort

Powerful Integration

Out-of-the-box Seamless Integrations

Powerful integrations with your existing business tools - Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk Sunshine, Freshchat, & others for a unified experience.

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Implementing a WhatsApp Chatbot with Haptik


To get started with WhatsApp, you need the following elements in place – a fully functional websiteFacebook Business Manager through which you will manage your WhatsApp Business Account (WABA), a Business Phone Number for your brand’s official WhatsApp channel, and an official Business Solution Provider (BSP) who will help you set up your brand’s WABA.  WhatsApp announced a revision in its pricing model which will be effective from 1st February 2022. Learn everything about the new WhatsApp Business Pricing and how it affects your investment in WhatsApp.

With the help of your BSP, you can get started with the following 5 steps:




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