How Beauty Brand Tira Powers Conversational Buying Guidance with Gen AI


The world of retail is no stranger to AI. But it’s the rapid rise of Generative AI that’s truly empowering retailers to create the ‘wow’ factor for their customers. Tira, a beauty brand, which offers seamless and tailored shopping experiences for beauty enthusiasts, is a case in point. It recognized the potential of Gen AI to realize its vision of becoming the premier marketplace for customers wanting to invest in high-quality beauty and personal care products. Tira partnered with Jio Haptik to build an LLM-powered solution to offer personalized beauty advisory at scale.

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Top Quote Haptik is a fantastically committed team. They truly understand their business and they go really deep to understand their customer's issues. Bottom Quote

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Tira operates in a competitive market and acknowledged the importance of differentiating itself by offering tailored beauty advice that facilitates smarter buying decisions. As a beauty advisor, it had to cater to various customer requirements - such as addressing acne-prone skin, makeup preferences, allergies, and more.


  • When customers wanted guidance, Tira connected them to an agent, who would then go through filters and collaborate with Tira’s research team to create an elaborate chart, which was time-consuming and less efficient.

  • Beauty advice can be a sensitive matter, so recommendations had to be highly accurate and personalized.

  • Expert’s beauty tips had to be complemented with relevant product suggestions based on individual needs and preferences.


By joining hands with Haptik, Tira leveraged Gen AI to streamline the shopping experience. Powered by large language models (LLMs), the Gen AI sales assistant engages beauty enthusiasts in contextual and human-like conversations leading to accurate and effective purchase support at scale.


  • Named ‘Tira Virtual BFF’, the LLM-powered Sales Assistant guides buyers with dynamic and highly contextual responses to a plethora of queries during pre-sales.

  • With a query resolution rate of 97%, the Sales Assistant efficiently addresses user queries around makeup, skin, hair, fragrance, shaving, and multiple other beauty and personal care needs.

  • More significantly, it has allowed Tira to reduce dependency on human agents, offer 24/7 support, and provide tailored guidance to foster customer trust and loyalty.

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Top Quote We partnered with Jio Haptik with the foremost aim of empowering our customers with smart buying guidance, powered by AI. Implementing a full-fledged Gen AI Sales Assistant has allowed us to offer personalized beauty advisory based on a wide set of parameters such as gender, age, skin type, daily routines, allergies, pricing, and more. It’s helped Tira cultivate strong customer relationships and elevate the end-to-end customer experience at scale. Bottom Quote

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Heena Chhapru

Head of Customer Service

End Result

Integrated with advanced LLMs, Tira Virtual BFF offers a conversational experience mimicking that of a virtual human-like sales assistant. It asks contextual follow-up questions for accurate and personalized beauty advisory, retains conversational context, and eliminates any scope for ambiguity. Further it empowers customers with self-serve support to help resolve routine queries for a holistic customer experience.