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We chose Haptik because we know they are a product-centric company and have a similar customer-first mindset like us. Haptik has been pivotal in helping us explore the endless possibilities of deploying a virtual assistant, firing up our sales pipeline, and giving us a competitive advantage on our mission to drive 1:1 customer engagement at scale.

—Kapil Thukral, Digital Marketing Head at Tally


Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a pioneer in the business software products arena. Over the last 30 years, Tally’s simple yet powerful products have been revolutionizing the way businesses run. Having delivered path-breaking technology consistently, Tally caters to millions of customers across industries in 140 countries and continues to be the unchallenged industry leader in the enterprise resource planning software domain.  


Like any growing B2B enterprise, Tally’s ultimate marketing and sales focus was to move away from traditional marketing and deliver 1:1, personalized, and unified customer experience that drives innovation.

Kapil Thukral heads Digital Marketing at Tally and he and his team started looking for a solution that would engage visitors from the moment they land on the website, address routine queries and encourage them to schedule a demo with the sales team. Tally had a team of live agents for support queries, however, the communication was more reactive than proactive.

  • Install a 24/7 dedicated and personal assistant on the website for faster communication and support
  • Promote product launches, feature updates, exciting news, and alerts, to improve user engagement
  • Save live agents from being hit with repetitive queries
Challenge (1)
Challenge (1)


By leveraging Haptik’s AI-powered virtual assistant, Tally’s digital team has been able to successfully prompt action from customers while also driving down inbound support volume by 50%. Tally’s sales reps can now jump right into the conversation with greater context into the prospect’s industry, company size, and plan they are looking to purchase.

  • With an average first response time of under 2 minutes, the sales team is able to run a more efficient sales process and shorten the sales cycle for qualified leads.
  • Tally’s digital team witnessed deals driven through the virtual assistant close 30.3% faster as compared to other channels.
  • Customer satisfaction at Tally is at an all-time high with an overall happiness rating of above 95% for all conversations

Kapil shares his advice for businesses starting with Conversational AI, “Less is more. People tend to get too excited and start automating every use case. Build for specific use cases and user queries instead of trying to cover the whole spectrum.”


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Use Cases

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2 mins

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Customer satisfaction rating


Inbound support queries handled by the virtual assistant without involving live agents

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