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Haptik has been instrumental in our support scaling efforts by helping our customers with the most accurate solutions across channels. Since partnering with Haptik we’ve been able to reduce our support wait times by almost half, thereby reinventing our digital DNA through innovation and operational excellence and achieve impactful improvements in customer experience.

 –Chris Lipman, Chief Customer Officer, StarHub


StarHub is a leading homegrown Singapore company that delivers world-class communication, entertainment, and digital solutions. With extensive fiber, wireless infrastructure, and global partnerships, StarHub offers high-quality mobile and fixed services, a broad suite of premium content, and a diverse range of communications solutions. With over 2 million customers, StarHub Mobile is the second-largest mobile network operator in Singapore with close to 30% market share. 

Business Goals

StarHub was looking to deliver prompt support and enhance CX on messaging channels.

  • StarHub’s customer support consisted of manual and archaic processes, dampening the operational performance, and overall frontline customer experience.
  • The high degree of manual intervention led to inconsistent handling of issues, longer wait times, customer dissatisfaction, and a high churn rate.
  • Agents had to toggle between multiple platforms to fetch information for customers, inability to share technical diagrams and photos with customers, leading to longer wait times, and damaged agent productivity.
  • Another dispute the brand faced was not being able to cater to users that were looking for support on Facebook.

Haptik worked with StarHub to build an Intelligent Virtual Assistant for their Facebook Page to answer queries for their services across Digital TV, Cable, IPTV, Broadband Internet, Telephone, and Mobile.

  • The IVA contains 1000+ unique intents to answer queries around Prepaid plans, Fiber broadband, Brand Offers, and Recontract Eligibility.
  • 20+ pre-built journeys to help users activate/de-activate Data Travel plans, roaming plans, Troubleshooting guides, etc.
  • Routes complex issues to the StarHub support team, ensuring a smooth handoff between AI and agents. 
  • Significant improvement in first response time for routine queries such as account balance, plans, billing,  new offers, etc.


With the immense traction garnered by the Facebook virtual assistant, StarHub decided to leverage other channels and are in the process of deploying virtual assistants on their Website & WhatsApp.



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