Jio Transforms CX with Haptik


Jio Digital, a digital platform by Jio, has been a fascinating case study in the telecommunications industry. The platform's success can be attributed to multiple factors, including its affordable pricing, high speed internet, and extensive coverage across India. Furthermore, Jio Digital's ability to reach and connect with a large, diverse customer base highlights the importance of investing in a robust digital infrastructure to bridge the digital divide and provide access to digital services to all. With wide offerings and customer base, Jio Digital sought a common platform to drive usage, engagement and user retention. WhatsApp was the answer! Jio Digital joined hands with Haptik to develop a WhatsApp chatbot that connects with 5G, 4G and Jio Fiber customers as well as its partners.

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Challenge at Hand

Providing exceptional customer experiences is paramount for telecom providers looking to maintain their market share. With a diverse customer base, this poses a challenge. In addition, resolving queries quickly and accurately is more important than ever. Jio Digital recognized this and made personalization a top priority, setting themselves apart from the competition.


  • An effective solution should be agile and respond promptly to customer queries.

  • An ideal query resolution process must prioritize efficiency and deliver accurate solutions to customer queries.

  • The bot must be designed to deliver personalization.

How Haptik Offered a Solution

Jio Connectivity and Haptik partnered to develop a WhatsApp chatbot that would deliver swift responses to customer queries, thereby enhancing customer experience. Along with this, Haptik’s Proactive Messaging helped Jio Digital start seamless conversations with its users. The chatbot integrates over 900 unique intents and more than 7000 variations to facilitate seamless customer interactions. 


  • 25 million proactive messages sent daily to nudge users for top-ups, recharge reminders, birthday offers, engagement during live games.

  • New customer acquisition on WhatsApp for Jio Fiber and 5G acquiring 8000 new customers daily.

  • An end-to-end 5G customer lifecycle from lead generation, buying a 5G device, porting into Jio, browsing and buying plans, Customer Care including customised journeys for postpaid versus prepaid, 5G versus 4G customers.

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By prioritizing a digital-first approach and collaborating with Haptik to create a powerful WhatsApp communication plan, Jio Digital was able to take their customer service game to the next level. With the ability to address low-touch, straightforward queries around the clock, Jio's new chatbot helped reduce call center volume while improving response times and ultimately, boosting customer satisfaction. The smart use of WhatsApp proactive messages opened new doors for Jio Digital in terms of lead generation and acquisition. It's clear that Jio Digital is dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences and staying ahead of the curve in the competitive telecom industry.