Furlenco Streamlines Customer Support with ‘FurBot’


Furlenco is a leading Indian online furniture and appliances rental platform, which aimed to provide high-quality furniture and home decor to the urban population that is always on the move. With Furlenco, customers can furnish their entire home, room, or corner with a simple click without visiting multiple stores or websites. It also offers benefits like relocation, exchange, and deep cleaning services to help customers enjoy hassle-free services

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Top Quote Haptik is helping us directly chat with our customers to understand their needs and answer their in-the-moment queries. With our Furbot, we are able to offer proactive support to our customers that matches their needs to our award-winning products and services - all by engaging in simple, natural and direct conversations. Bottom Quote

Nirupam Daniel Bose

Director of Customer Success, Furlenco

Challenge at Hand

  • Furlenco sought to drive instant customer support and enhance its customer experience.

  • The brand desired to improve its response times and achieve higher customer satisfaction.

  • By automating routine queries, Furlenco wanted to reduce the dependency on human agents, leaving them with more time to focus on critical issues.

How Haptik Offered a Solution

Furlenco partnered with Haptik to build FUR, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) deployed on its website & app, that ensures 24/7 support, faster customer responses, and improved customer service.


  • Achieve 74% automation with resolving routine queries such as Track My Order, Manage/Cancel Subscription, Refund Status, Relocation/Repair Services, etc.

  • Seamlessly scale its customer support by handling 68.5k users and 133.8k conversations with the IVA. Ticket creation was enabled when customers requested for callback.

  • Transfer the conversation to a live agent during high-risk, complex scenarios. Overall, FUR initiated an agent handoff for 23% of customer queries.

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Top Quote Our customers appreciate the 24/7 availability and quick issue resolution. Thanks to Haptik's expertise, Furbot has become an invaluable asset for our business, enhancing our overall customer experience and helping transfer the conversation to a live agent during high-risk, complex scenarios. Overall, Furbot initiated an agent handoff for 23% of customer queries. Bottom Quote

Akil Jagadish
Akil Jagadish

Product Manager, Furlenco


In today’s digital era, exceptional customer support is a significant differentiator for businesses, and Furlenco is a case in point. Its collaboration with Haptik helped streamline support and deliver exceptional customer service. By integrating AI into customer support, Furlenco was able to reduce wait times, improve response consistency, and offer round-the-clock support.