IT Service Desk

Enhance your IT service/helpdesk management with an AI-powered ITSM Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) aka an AI - Chatbot.

Automate L1 queries, reduce IT ticket backlog, lower First Response Time, and improve employee productivity.




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Here’s Why Your Enterprise Needs an Intelligent Service Desk



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Overcome IT’s Biggest Challenges with Conversational AI

Harness the combined power of AI, deep-domain knowledge, and integrations to deliver lower resolution time, streamline resource allocation, reduce employee downtime, and drive customer satisfaction.

Access Management


Access Management


Seamlessly manage rote tasks such as:

  • Access Request
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Workflow Requests
  • Document Access
  • Applications/Systems Access
  • Terminate User
  • Modify Details
Incident Management


Incident Management


Log, escalate & track incidents such as:

  • Risk management
  • Security breach
  • IOC Hunting
  • Malicious activity
  • Entity search
  • Sandbox analysis
  • Malware attack



Troubleshoot common queries such as:

  • Hardware malfunctions
  • Application issues
  • Network disruptions


Out-of-box Integrations with Industry Leading Platforms 

Unlock the power of your existing ITSM systems to deliver a unified CX via seamless AI-Agent handoff and streamlined ticketing


Make Haptik your Indispensable Sidekick for IT Support 

Provide instant, self-serve support across channels with seamless escalations to help desk agents, keeping full context and chat history. Reduce costs & improve efficiency with Haptik-powered digital-human hybrid workforce.

Unblock IT Ticket Bottleneck with AI

Provide a 24/7 intelligent service desk that delivers instant, round-the-clock automated support for high-volume, common queries such as password reset, access request, incident management, hardware & software issues, etc. 

  • Increase IT customer satisfaction with improved FRT and better first-time-fix rates
  • No more skills shortage/recruitment challenges
  • Free-up budget for new technology

Seamless AI to Helpdesk Agent Handoff

Deliver uninterrupted CX with friction-free escalation to help desk agents whenever required

  • AI to agent handoff with full chat history and context
  • Free up agents for urgent higher support tier issues
  • Prevent jammed ticket queues

Retain Your Best Talent

Save your helpdesk agents from getting bogged down with repetitive chats and calls. Let AI handle recurring issues and requests such as password reset, freeing agents to fix complex requests that require a human touch.

  • Reduce agent attrition
  • Deploy training budget wisely
  • Drive higher employee satisfaction without expanding your help desk agents


Proactively Communicate Business Changes

Haptik Chatbot contextually communicates with stakeholders across popular channels such as email and chat.  Chatbots can make personalized recommendations based on historical help-desk user interactions.

  • Smooth future demand through controlled releases
  • Proactively alert employees about upcoming changes & maintenance
  • Respond immediately to employee questions about changes using Haptik's chatbot

Make Data-Driven Decisions using Built-In Analytics

Get in-depth understanding of the types of issues and service requests that are being raised by your employees. Identify and overcome problems impacting IT customer productivity.

  • Track magnitude and frequency of issues real-time
  • Uncover hidden problems before they proliferate
  • Update chatbot flows immediately when needed, without personnel retraining