Smart Agent Chat

Blending AI with Human Intervention

Deliver powerful customer experiences with seamless live chat integration whilst driving CSAT and improving NPS

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The Most Seamless AI to Human Handoff

Eliminate customer frustration by giving them on-demand, self-serve, automated support with friction-free access to live agents whenever needed.

Comprehensive Performance Dashboard

Track agent performance, status, online hours, CSAT Score, and more using one single interface.

  • Identify real-time chat disposition trends.
  • Scrutinize abandoned chats to fix drop-offs.
  • Set custom auto-response for offline hours and delays.

Integrate with the Platform of your Choice

Seamlessly integrate with leading CRM software and system of records such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Kapture CRM, and more. Get all the data that you need on a single user interface, without toggling between systems. Send chat transcripts to external client systems using Webhooks.

Enhance Agent Productivity & Reduce Attrition

Get a 360-degree customer view on a single dashboard, allowing agents to spend less time searching and more time resolving customer issues.

  • Chat assignment & priority routing to reduce wait time for end-users.
  • 360-degree view of user details, purchase history, entire inventory, and actions on chat.
  • Send rich media messages and smart actions.
  • Pre-built chat templates and quick replies.

Enterprise-grade Roles

Live Agent Chat offers a user role hierarchy to determine the levels of access that agents have to your data. 

  • IDaaS accounts for (IAM) identity and access management.
  • Stringent access control policies 
  • Auditing of user activity across the System.
  • Military-grade encryption standards to encrypt data at transit & rest.