The Big Retail Reset: The New Way of Buying in 2021


Consumer buying behavior has been steadily evolving with time, with a growing preference towards digitally-enabled contactless store experiences. Some traditional brick and mortar stores have already been using self-checkout kiosks, while restaurants and stores have deployed voice-based digital assistants which can carry out tasks such as taking orders, checking inventory, and even offering product recommendations.

In the wake of these developments, which have been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, retailers will have to adapt to provide the same level of service and experience in a low-touch, less human-intensive way. Changes in consumer behavior, coupled with the rising adoption of digital technologies, as well as the larger environmental factors at play, will lead to the emergence of a new way of buying.

In this on-demand webinar, veteran retail leaders discuss how automation will change the way we buy.


Watch the webinar to gain insights on:


1. The future of in-store experience

2. The next wave of innovation in eCommerce

3. How retailers can adapt to the change