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Agent Assist: A Solution to Empower Live Agents

Agent Assist
is a powerful AI-based solution for businesses struggling with low agent productivity, delayed response times, and a broken customer experience. It provides  timely accurate responses to live agents and suggests appropriate answers as per the conversation flow. It allows live agents to save time over query research and respond swiftly.

In this Solution Showcase, we discussed how businesses can take advantage of this innovation for their everyday use cases. Watch the session hosted by Sobhith Gopakumar - Product Evangelist at Haptik, and learn how AI-powered Agent Assist enables live agents to deliver the highest quality customer experience.

This session helps you learn:

  • Plug and Play conversational flows with battle-tested use cases that deliver high ROI
  • How to increase resolution rate to drive exceptional Customer Experience with improved CSAT & brand loyalty
  • Drive customer retention with personalized support and customized resolution

See Haptik’s award-winning Conversational AI platform in action with relevant detailed use cases at our Solutions Showcase.

Watch Now!

Watch Now!