How C-Square reduced their First Response Time by 60% using Haptik


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I think Haptik’s biggest differentiator is their self-serve, no-code Conversation Design Studio. An absolute layman with zero coding knowledge can build a robust virtual assistant using the drag & drop Conversation Design Studio. On a regular day, this would involve huddling with project managers and developers and endless sprints but with Haptik the whole process is so hassle-free and simple!

—Sripal Bachawat, Director, C-Square Info Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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C-Square Info Solutions Private Limited is a digital automation leader based out of Bangalore. The brand has played a prominent role in automating the entire Pharma Ecosystem, offering cutting-edge technology & automated solutions for Retailers and Distributors over the last 18 years. Their main strength includes providing Holistic IT Solutions and consultancy and has been transforming business growth and management for the Pharma businesses over the years.


C-Square predominantly helps Pharma businesses to go above & beyond their boundaries to streamline, automate & optimize workflows using a proactive and collaborative approach.  With an objective to be the catalyst to multifold growth and enable clients to achieve 24/7 dedicated customer support, C-Square partnered with Haptik to build an Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

  • Dedicated 24/7 support channel for their 5000+ clients 
  • Replace cold-calling with an Intelligent Virtual Assistant for lead generation
  • Understand buyer personas better to improve marketing & reduce sales cycle 
  • Improve FRT and better query resolution along with Live Agent transfers
  • Identify FAQs to offer instant support for low-touch queries
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Haptik’s Intelligent Virtual Assistant helps C-Square across their entire customer lifecycle from pre-sales to onboarding, support, and beyond! Using Haptik’s Virtual Assistant Haptik, C-Square can:

  • Handle thousands and thousands of user queries hassle-free, 24/7
  • Generate high-intent, pre-qualified leads, resulting in a significantly shorter sales cycle 
  • Offer proactive customer support, even when the visitor drops off mid-conversation
  • Has reduced wait times by 3x and offers instant service without adding more manpower
  • Contextual AI to agent hand-off, maximizing agent productivity and equipping them to close deals faster
  • Extended the brand’s presence on their customers’ most preferred messing channel -- WhatsApp 

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