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Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbots are used by some of the world’s leading brands across eCommerce, Financial Services & Telecom to drive transactions and reduce support costs. 

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Why should you choose Haptik?

Powerful two-way communication - Experience free-flowing conversations with customers using Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbot with advanced notification capabilities. 

Industry-leading NLU - Leverage pre-built conversational flows with domain intelligence to solve the common use-cases within your industry.

Fluent multilingual conversations -Choose from Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Gujarati, Hinglish & many other languages other than English. Leverage a hybrid of translation & custom native language understanding for the best customer experiences.


End-to-end commerce with WhatsApp Business Pro

Haptik brings the ultimate Conversational Commerce solution designed to increase sales and revenue exponentially with the WhatsApp API: 

  • Discovery & instant opt-in via missed calls - Increase the adoption of your new WhatsApp channel from Day 1 with Exotel Missed Call integration for instant opt-ins. 

  • AI-driven personalized recommendations - Increase upsell & cross-sell opportunities by contextually suggesting products based on user's needs & past behavior. 

  • Easy payments via UPI - Enable customers to make direct payments from WhatsApp via UPI transactions. Send notifications as payment reminders to collect payments promptly.

WhatsApp’s newly launched UI elements

List & reply buttons- Presents a choice of up to 10 alternatives for users to pick from in a menu-type view making it easier for them to choose from a list of alternatives.

Multi-product messages - Contain a selection of up to 30 items from a business’ inventory that allows your users to shop conversationally.

Single-product messages - These are messages with a single product item from the business’ inventory. The product is displayed in a Product Detail Page (PDP) format.

Shopping cart experience - After viewing products, a customer can add them to their shopping cart and send that cart to a business.

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Engage at scale with WhatsApp campaigns

Manage campaigns - From welcome messages to payment reminders to shipment updates - now you can create campaigns and automate bulk notifications to expand your reach and engagement.

Manage contacts - View, prioritize and manage all your WhatsApp contacts in one place to get a complete view of your customers while interacting with them. Upload bulk contacts via API or CSV files & manage contacts with an intuitive dashboard.

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What can you achieve with Haptik’s WhatsApp Business API?



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