How to Plan & Execute Ramadan Campaigns in 2024

The holy month of Ramadan is among the busiest shopping seasons of the year. With its unique blend of cultural celebrations and vibrant commerce, it gives brands the opportunity to engage with customers on a deeper level and maximize their ROI.

Boost Your Ramadan Sales with Gen AI-Powered Conversations on WhatsApp is a festive playbook compiled by Haptik with actionable ideas for enterprises to build successful Ramadan marketing & sales strategies.

Get the playbook for a deep dive into:

  • 7 compelling reasons to use WhatsApp for your Ramadan campaigns

  • 4-step framework for Ramadan marketing

  • Campaign & template ideas to maximize ROI

  • Industry-wise use cases

  • How Generative AI-powered conversations on WhatsApp can give your campaigns an edge

Must read for: Chief Marketing Officers, Growth Marketers and E-commerce Heads.