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Build Hinglish chatbots to win your Indian customers


Have your customers ever interacted with your brand saying things like “mujhe help chahiye”, “mera order kahan hai”, “mujhe refund chahiye”?

Then your customers also prefer Hinglish over Hindi or English just like 350 mn+ other Indians. Though Hinglish isn’t an official language, it is widely adopted by users in texting & while having conversations. 

Since a vast majority of India is non-English speaking & based out of semi-urban and rural regions, it is critical for brands to give their customers the flexibility to converse in a language they are comfortable with. 

Haptik launches Hinglish chatbots for brands to break all language barriers in India. 



With Hinglish chatbots by Haptik, brands can: 

  • Strengthen brand presence in India and expand user base 
  • Provide flexibility to customers to speak in their lingo and colloquialisms  
  • Resolve a higher number of queries with automation & accuracy 

To see Hinglish chatbots live in action and how it can help your brand, submit the form today.


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