Grow your eCommerce business with AI-powered Virtual Assistants


The shopping behavior of customers has undergone massive changes due to the digital revolution and the emergence of contactless shopping.

Haptik's industry-leading Conversational AI solution is helping companies boost revenue by providing a personalized end-to-end shopping journey on a single platform!

Haptik's NLP-driven Conversational AI platform allows you to provide an omnichannel customer experience, deploy a 24/7 virtual sales assistant, and reduce customer support costs by handling queries end-to-end. 

Leverage pre-built, field-trained Smart Skills best suited for the eCommerce industry. These use cases are built from billions of real customer interactions and Conversation Design best practices.

Business Impact delivered for top brands: 

  • JioMart achieved an 88% Query Completion Rate
  • 2.4x Increase in Cart Addition Rate for Tata Cliq 
  • Netmeds improves FRT by 99%
  • 93% Automation Rate delivered for SleepyCat
  • Handled 128K+ Conversations for HealthKart

Haptik's 360-degree platform to help you grow:

  • Intelligent Analytics: Understand how customers interact with the Virtual Assistant and uncover key business metrics.
  • Advanced NLU: Build AI-driven chatbots with natural understanding and human-like empathy. 
  • Linguist Pro: Build powerful multilingual virtual assistants to converse with your users in their preferred language. 
  • Enterprise Security: Customers' data security is our #1 priority. We are compliant with military-grade security standards & privacy regulations. 

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