Don't let your support fail you on Black Friday

Get an eCommerce Chatbot in 30 days

As the biggest online Holiday season approaches near, it's time for eCommerce brands to get sales and support-ready. This year, Adobe predicts a surge of 66% of online shoppers - recording an all-time high in the US. Statistics also prove that more than 35% of these online shoppers will ask the same support queries - Where is my order? Can I get an exchange? How to get a refund? and more.


At this crucial moment, don’t let your support fail you. Instead, leverage an AI chatbot to combine the workforce of automation & human agents to satisfy customer needs. At Haptik, it's even simpler - get an eCommerce chatbot up & running on your website, mobile apps, or any social media channels - within the next 30 days. 

What will this chatbot do? 

  • Prepare you for the incoming traffic 
  • Resolve 70-80% of customer queries instantly 
  • Assist your agents with AI and increase efficiency 
  • Save costs of hiring additional agents
  • Increase your online sales
  • and most of all, satisfy your customer needs 24*7


Fill in the form today and get ready for Black Friday chatbot with your eCommerce chatbot. 


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