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Power an end-to-end shopping experience on your customers’ favorite channel. Boost your sales with WhatsApp - the new e-commerce powerhouse!

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Power an end-to-end shopping journey on WhatsApp



Increase discovery for your brand by using SMS, website, social media, telephone, etc as easy opt-in methods.



Use WhatsApp's newly launched UI elements to deliver a seamless buying experience to your users.



Provide a frictionless 3-click payment experience on WhatsApp. The perfect ending to the shopping journey!

Redefining customer engagement with non-transactional messages

Create notifications that are expected by customers, are relevant to them, and are delivered timely.

  • Cart abandonment messages
  • Product recommendations related to a customer’s previous purchases 
  • Helpful informational alerts
  • Relevant offers
  • Newsletters

WhatsApp’s newly launched UI elements

Multi-product messages contain a selection of up to 30 items from a business’ inventory. Allow your users to shop in a conversational way. 

Single product messages are messages with a single product item from the business’ inventory. They are best for guiding customers to one specific item from a business’ inventory. 

After viewing products, a customer can add them to their shopping cart and send that cart to a business.

Instant Payment on WhatsApp

Customers can make direct payments from WhatsApp while they are in the purchase journey without navigating between multiple apps.
Use notifications as recurring payment reminders and collect payment without any hassle.

Lower customer acquisition cost and cost of collections. 

Why should you choose Haptik?

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Powerful Two-way Communication

Experience free-flowing conversations with customers using Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbot with advanced notification capabilities as a complete messaging solution.

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Industry Leading NLU

Our proprietary NLU engine provides pre-built conversational flows with domain intelligence to solve the common use-cases within your industry.

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Fluent Multilingual conversations

Choose from Hindi, Spanish, Tamil, Gujarati & 10+ languages other than English, with a natural understanding of slang, colloquialisms, domain-specific words.

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Haptik Integration Ecosystem

Connect your existing business tools like Salesforce, Shopify, Zendesk Sunshine, Freshchat, & others with powerful out-of-the-box integrations.

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