Supercharge your inbox with AI-driven Email Bots

Email is not dead. What your escalating support inbox and number of customers need - is the additional power of Conversational AI to deliver real-time support with the highest accuracy & satisfaction. 




of consumers prefer using email to contact brands for customer service



customers who get their email queries resolved in the first time make repeat purchases



however, is the average wait time for customers to get the first email response



brands can only resolve customer queries in the first email response.

Why do customers still prefer email?

Email continues to be one of the top communication channels for customer service because of multiple reasons, including

  • Asynchronous communication as the customer can send an email at their convenience without waiting on hold
  • Trustworthy & Confidential as it provides traceable record of the conversation that can be referenced at any time

  • Inherently convenient because the entire interaction is available to customer on mobile and other devices

Bridge the gap between customers & inbox with Haptik’s Email bots

Provide AI-driven, personalized responses to resolve customer queries as soon as they hit your inbox based on needs & already available information. Leverage automation that scales with your customer base and yields even better ROI.

  • Understand the email content to answer FAQs accurately and instantly
  • Fetch dynamic user-specific data from other systems to personalize interactions
  • Increase your First Response Rates and CSAT
  • Reduce the number of costly support tickets for your agent workforce

Intelligent Triaging to assign the right tickets to the right agents 

Escalate unresolved tickets to agents based on your business & operation rules without needing any manual intervention. Accelerate your query resolution time by providing all the user information your agents need at once. 

  • Assign the right ticket to the right team based on the intent of email query 
  • Eliminate manual processing time and efforts
  • Extract and append all the required user information from customer queries onto agent tickets
  • Integrate email bot with your preferred CRM to maintain the end-to-end flow of information

Impact and improve CSAT and NPS

Deflect email queries to your AI chatbot and engage with customers in meaningful conversations that instantly resolve their queries. Help your customers self-serve their needs to increase your CSAT and NPS on the go. 

  • Deflect queries to chatbots on preferred channels like Website, Mobile Apps, WhatsApp, and others 
  • Increase CSAT with no more waiting times 
  • Save support effort and costs by leveraging already-available self-serve channels

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