Enhance CX with Conversational IVR 

Empower your customers to literally "talk" to your brand by combining the power of our Voice AI and your Contact Center with Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Encourage natural and free-flowing conversations that help you satisfy more customers at lesser costs. 



Organizations report having calls as an active channel



calls are made to contact centers every year



calls to contact centers go unresolved



Average wait time for phone support

Automate repetitive phone interactions

Make your customer service hassle-free by using a virtual assistant that can easily talk to your customers & understand their natural language. Integrate Haptik with your existing contact center to resolve customer queries & increase satisfaction. 

Be available to customers 24 x 7 x 365, without any wait times

Simplify complex support experience; replace touch-tone interactions with natural voice 

Increase agent satisfaction by making them focus on complex queries & automating simpler ones

Powerful voice capabilities

When your customers get the flexibility of having free-flowing conversations with your brand, just like in any other human interaction - your customer experience instantly improves. 

Haptik uses Microsoft Azure’s Speech-to-text & Text-to-speech capabilities; for unmatched voice accuracy

Customize the accent and voice of the responses as per the brand needs

Ability to improve voice recognition with call recordings and training for industry-specific words

Grow your ROI with Conversational IVR

Transform your contact center from a cost center to a cost saver by handling more & more conversations via automation and transferring calls to agents only when required.

Improve First Contact Resolution, CSAT & NPS by providing speedy resolution of customer queries with consistency & accuracy 

Increase cost-efficiency by one-eighth cost/call as compared to traditional IVRs 

Reduce call abandonment rates 

Improve agent efficiency and avoid extra manpower costs

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