Enhance CX with Conversational IVR

Integrate AI-powered IVR with Contact Centers to interact with customers naturally via voice to resolve queries faster

Traditional IVR: The Hard Truth  

Menu-based traditional IVRs solutions at Contact Centers no longer meet the raising standards of customer satisfaction
Customers often directly connect to a Live Agent or drop off leading to longer query resolution time and increase cost for businesses



Customer Abandonment after poor IVR experience



Customers repeat themselves on IVR calls



Average Wait Time for phone support

Introducing Conversational IVR with Ready-To-Use Integrations

Easily integrate AI-powered IVR with your existing Contact Center software and automate answering majority of customer queries in natural language using Haptik's cutting-edge NLP and conversation flow capabilities



Grow your ROI with Conversational IVR

Provide AI-powered IVR to your Customers and help them easily find the information they need cost effectively

Improve CSAT & NPS 


Speedy resolution of customer queries with accuracy and consistency

Handle more-min

Handle more conversations


Increase number of queries that can be contained via automation 


Understand Natural Language


Converse with callers naturally to cater their requirements 


Increase Cost-efficiency


One-eighth cost/call w.r.t traditional IVR-Agent interaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

  • Boost Net Promoter Score (NPS) with Conversational IVR by maintaining high First Call Resolution (FCR) rate
  • Interactive and inclusive experience for customer delight
  • Repetition of information from customer is not required

Improve Cost Efficiency

  • With automation reduce manpower cost associated w.r.t. live agents requirement to handle customer calls 
  • Handle larger call volumes without human intervention at a fraction of cost making the solution scalable and economical 

Powering Customer

  • With adoption of the likes of Alexa & Google Home, customers lookout for intuitive ways to communicate with businesses
  • Customers value an engaging self-service option that offers fast and precise answers