Automate Customer Engagement at Scale with SMS Chatbots


Instead of just sending bulk blast SMS to your customers – give them the opportunity to text you back and complete their desired action to move further in their customer journey.
Powered by Haptik's Conversational AI. 

Engagement via SMS chatbot
Engagement via SMS chatbot


open rates, highest than any other marketing channel


consumers think businesses should contact them via SMS


of consumers want to receive SMS with special offers



lesser agent hours required with automated SMS

Why should you use an SMS chatbot?

Unlock maximum reach within your users by delivering text messages straight to their inbox with the highest open & click rates

Trigger personalized notifications to pique interest at the right time in the user journey and initiate conversations

check mark Enable two-way and free-flowing conversations with customers powered by Haptik's Natural Language Understanding (NLU)

check mark Instantly resolve queries to drive high customer satisfaction

check mark Handoff complex queries to agents to provide the required human assistance

check mark Collect user feedback to further improve your offerings

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Haptik helps automate at scale with simplicity


Get started in no time by connecting your Twilio number to the Haptik account

 Use our pre-built skills and conversation flows to automate your industry use-cases 

Ensure the best bot training and intelligence powered by our NLU - recognized for its accuracy across the world 

 Support the end-to-end customer lifecycle with Haptik 

Integrate with your other marketing and customer service tools with our out-of-the-box integrations

Haptik Twilio
Haptik Twilio
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Sample SMS Chatbot for Mortgage Loan Inquires

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Drive engagement

Drive engagement at every stage of the customer lifecycle

Here are some examples of how you can use SMS chatbots to proactively message your customers.

It all starts with one text to get the conversation going and build life-long relationships. 

Drive Engagement | SMS Chatbot

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