Smart Skill: Financial Lending

Mortgage Rates

This Smart Skill will help the user with the applicable mortgage rates



  • The prospective user can turn to the IVA for applicable Mortgage Rates.
  • The IVA will ask the user relevant data inputs such as name, phone number, required mortgage amount, mortgage tenure etc.
  • The IVA will then share the mortgage rates with the user via the SHARE MORTGAGE RATES API
  • The user will also have the option to save these details for future usage.

APIs Needed


Request: User details such as name, phone number, required mortgage amount, mortgage tenure

"user_name": "abc",
"phone_number": "9876543216",
"mortgage_amount": "300000",
"tenure": "60"
Response: Response will be the mortgage rates
"tenure": "60",
"interest_rate": "3.375%",
"monthly_payments": "$383.20"
Pre-Built Integrations

Pre-built Integrations 

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