IVR Deflection Through Conversational AI: An Expert Guide


Did you know that 61% of customers believe that IVR’s lead to poor customer experience? 
For decades, IVR has been a hallmark of contact centers, boosting efficiency and reducing costs. But due to their cumbersome navigation and long wait times, the customer experience that IVR systems offer is far from the best. Moreover, handling large volumes of support calls over IVR can be a very expensive proposition.
Fortunately, in a world that is rapidly moving towards messaging-first customer care, there is a perfect alternative – Conversational AI.
This e-book will serve as a guide to how enterprises can leverage Conversational AI for IVR deflection. It will focus on:
  • The need for IVR deflection
  • How Conversational AI facilitates IVR deflection
  • A case study of IVR deflection through Conversational AI
For actionable insights on how your business can enhance CX, reduce costs, and scale-up support by using Conversational AI for IVR deflection, fill in the form and download your e-book now!


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