Conversational IVR: Redefining Contact Center Automation with AI


Interactive voice response (IVR) has long been a key technology in contact centers across verticals. But traditional IVR systems have a number of limitations - reliance on legacy technologies, difficult navigations, and long wait times - that contribute to a poor customer experience. In fact, a finding by Vonage reveals that as many as 61% of customers believe that IVR offers a poor experience.
Fortunately, recent years have seen a trend towards AI-driven customer service automation, with one solution being of particular interest to contact centers - Conversational IVR.
This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of Conversational IVR, and offer actionable insights to brands looking to reshape their contact center’s voice automation strategy.
Key Takeaways:
  • Understand how Conversational IVR overcomes the limitations of traditional IVR
  • Learn how brands can leverage IVR automation to tackle CX challenges.
  • Know what brands should keep in mind before implementing Conversational IVR
  • Identify the right metrics to measure the success of the solution.
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