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Start sending outbound notifications to your customers via WhatsApp Campaign & Template Manager, manage bulk WhatsApp campaigns, shopping experience made super easy via WhatsApp commerce, and much more all from a single established WhatsApp Business Vendor!

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Why choose Haptik?

Part of the Google and Facebook invested Jio Platforms

300+ Happy customers across a variety of industry verticals

4B+ chat interactions processed for 500M+ consumers

ISO 27001 and PDPA certified

Proprietary NLP Engine with best in class ML & AI; Higher accuracy than other platforms like Google's Dialog Flow, Microsoft LUIS, and Rasa at leading EMNLP conference

Category Leader in the Bot Platforms & Live Chat categories by G2 in G2 Spring 2022 report. With an average rating of 4.6/5.0, Haptik won the prestigious Users Love Us badge


End-to-end WhatsApp Commerce with WhatsApp Business Pro

Haptik's WhatsApp chatbot offers a complete commerce solution allowing brands like yours to easily sell products on WhatsApp. Haptik brings the ultimate Conversational Commerce solution designed to increase your sales and revenue exponentially with the Official WhatsApp API:


Discovery & instant opt-ins via missed calls - Increase the adoption of your new WhatsApp channel right from Day 1, with Exotel's Missed Call integrations for instant opt-ins. 

AI-based personalized recommendations - With WhatsApp Chatbots, brands can interact with every single customer and provide personalized guidance and AI-based product recommendations directly on WhatsApp.

Easy payments via UPI & API integrations - Enable customers to make direct payments from WhatsApp via UPI transactions. Send notifications as payment reminders to collect payments promptly.

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Group 4796

Benefit from WhatsApp’s newly launched UI elements feature

List & Reply buttons
- Give your users a choice of up to 10 alternatives to pick from in a menu-type view fashion.

Multi-Product messages - Ability to add a selection of items. Up to 30 products can be sent in a single Catalog Message

Single-Product messages - Showcase messages with a single product item from your stock of inventory or product catalog. 

Shopping cart experience - Users can select products from multiple Catalog Messages & send a WhatsApp Cart

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Collect Payments on WhatsApp


When your users shop on WhatsApp, they’re always on the go, even when they’re shopping from home. They want to be able to browse and buy instantly.

Users can make quick direct payments from WhatsApp while they are on the purchase journey without even navigating between multiple apps.

Brands can also use notifications and setup as recurring payment reminders and collect payments without any hassle.


Automate WhatsApp notifications

Set up workflows to trigger alerts based on users' journey

Build engaging WhatsApp campaigns using rich media (images, videos, PDFs, etc.) templates

Communicate with interactive list messages, CTAs & Quick Reply buttons

Manage customer expectations by setting up auto-replies for FAQs, welcome, Out of Office, and delayed response messages

Bulk Campaigns & Broadcasts

Build campaign audiences based on customer attributes & events

Send one-time or recurring campaigns to 1000s of opted-in customers in just one click.

Notify your customers to keep them informed about orders, payments, and shipping updates
via pre-approved templates

Monitor campaign performance via Read, Delivery, Sent Rates, etc.

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