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Learn how Haptik’s AI-powered recommendation engine serves as the perfect virtual shopping assistant


Online retailers face three major user conversion challenges:

  • Customers are unable to decide what to buy: Researching products and comparing options is a tedious, time-consuming process, leading to site abandonment and drop-offs.

  • Customers are dissatisfied with previous purchases: A third of first-time online buyers feel that their purchases do not satisfy their original purchase intent.

  • Customers are unaware of grievance redressal: Many online buyers are wary of defective products and delayed deliveries, and unsure of customer care responsiveness


The Solution

Haptik’s AI-powered recommendation engine simulates the behavior of an in-store shopping assistant - adding a personal touch to a customer’s online shopping journey. The assistant understands customer requirements, makes relevant product recommendations, and ultimately convinces the customer to make a purchase.


About Us

Haptik is an artificial intelligence company powering conversational assistants for brands to transform customer experiences. The platform has enabled over 100 virtual assistants, reaching close to 100 million devices and processing over 3 billion end customer interactions. Haptik is backed by Reliance Industries, a $100 Billion+ conglomerate, with close to 500 million customers. Read more.

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