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Haptik’s EMNLP Accolade - Raising the bar for Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants are taking the digital transformation journeys of the enterprises by a storm. It’s no understatement that, COVID-19 has been the disruptor-in-chief, making the importance of enterprises picking the right partners in their digital journeys is all the more crucial. What’s more important in a partners’ capabilities than NLP, which forms the core of the very definition of a Virtual Assistant?

19 Nov 20

Industry Viewpoint, Product Announcements, Natural Language Processing

How Haptik sets itself up for Industry Specific Specialisation

Digital transformation has become an essential requirement in the way businesses function in the post-Covid era. Virtual Assistants are becoming the go-to option for companies to embark on this new journey. However, evaluating and choosing the right conversational AI partner can often become a critical challenge to solve.

12 Nov 20