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Helpdesk Automation - 8 Ideas for Robust Ticketing System


The Helpdesk automation systems have a marvellous aptitude to accelerate the ticketing process. Not only does helpdesk automation provide quick clarifications to customer queries, but also facilitates complex issue handling that is usually a tough nut for the robots.

06 Apr 21

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Service Desk Automation: Scale Customer Support and Boost Efficiency

The way in which the service desk agents perform their routine tasks has changed completely in today’s times. The way they operated one or two decades ago was a traditional way of doing tasks whereas now, things have changed for the better. A simple comparison of two years, 2015 and 2017 shows such a notable increase in automation of service tasks.

30 Mar 21

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How to reinforce IT service desk with AI-powered ITSM Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is one technology that has disrupted the life and living of people across the globe. From the ride-sharing apps that you use to the voice assistants that take your command, AI is all around you. What's fascinating is that the technology isn't limited to the services offered to the customers but extends to everyday business operations.

25 Mar 21