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How to reinforce IT service desk with AI-powered ITSM Chatbots

Artificial Intelligence is one technology that has disrupted the life and living of people across the globe. From the ride-sharing apps that you use to the voice assistants that take your command, AI is all around you. What's fascinating is that the technology isn't limited to the services offered to the customers but extends to everyday business operations.

25 Mar 21

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Chatbots for Wealth Management: Augmenting Wealth using AI Technology

It is no secret that AI-powered intelligent chatbots are on the rise. In fact, in a recent Statista study, by 2024, the global chatbots market will expand beyond $994 million. McKinsey Global Institute found that by 2020, companies will have spent $1 trillion to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Wealth management chatbots, powered by conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) and capable Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, can be useful instruments that impact a variety of wealth management use cases and operations.

23 Mar 21

AI Chatbot, Conversational AI, Finance Chatbot, Mortgage Chatbot

How Will Conversational AI Accelerate the Mortgage Loan Process

Industries across the spectrum are exploring the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for transformation. The mortgage industry is no exception. We explored how AI Chatbots would transform the mortgage industry in 2021. The shift, while being all-pervasive, will play a vital role in accelerating the mortgage loan process. 

18 Mar 21