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Why are Product Managers obsessed with CX platforms in 2021?

The most critical skill identified in top-performing product managers is their obsession with customers and their customer experience. In a single day, a product manager makes multiple decisions keeping their customers in mind, and some of these questions might look like - 

12 Sep 21

AI Chatbot, Conversational AI

AI Chatbot : Transforming Customer Experience in Southeast Asia

In a digitally transforming era like 2021, artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly capable of driving customer experience across various business functions, making human tasks not only easier but also more efficient and cost-effective.

27 Aug 21

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Benefits of a WhatsApp Chatbot for Banking & Finance

Technology has revolutionized many sectors in the past decade. Specifically speaking, the pandemic gave rise to the rapid acceleration of technological adoption. Businesses and consumers had to rely on only one thing: technology. Of all the industries that have benefitted from the rapid growth of technology, Finance has been no exception.

23 Aug 21